Episode 011: Clarity in Business, with Scott Desgrosseilliers

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Today, KT Speetzen is joined with Scott Desgrosseilliers, the CEO of Wicked Reports. Wicked Reports helps customers figure out their return on investment (ROI) on ads and all things tech! This company is actually Scott’s third venture. Listen to this episode to hear how his business has taken off and launched into the stratosphere.


  • Learn a bit about Scott from KT [0:00:55]

  • How Scott and KT know each other [0:02:30]

  • What made Scott passionate about tangible marketing data [0:04:22]

  • What made his business grow so quickly [0:06:58]

  • How does Wicked Reports bring clarity to the numbers [0:09:53]

  • How he has been intentional with his company culture [0:11:55]

  • What Scott has learned through his first two businesses [0:15:25]

  • Who his Muppet character alter ego is [0:20:13]

I didn’t love it, I just liked it. [Discussing why he ended his first business]
— Scott Desgrosseilliers
(l-r) Mark Murrell, Chris Speetzen, Scott Desgrosseilliers

(l-r) Mark Murrell, Chris Speetzen, Scott Desgrosseilliers

You have to make sure that people are willing to pay for what you want and you have to make sure you can acquire customers.
— Scott Desgrosseilliers

Get to Know Scott Desgrosseilliers

Scott founded Wicked Reports so that online business owners can scale their business growth. Scott has been building databases since he was 11. Before founding Wicked Reports, Scott worked as a senior database architect on projects for Motorola, Apartments.com, Domino's, and the Hong Kong 911 department. Scott has patents pending in people-based tracking of customer lifetime value.

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Meet the Host:

KT Speetzen is the CEO of Mother Cluckers Comedy, LLC. By day she teaches everyone from entrepreneurs, politicians to corporations the power of comedic storytelling for branding and engagement. By night she’s the and the Creator and Producer of Chicago’s The Mother Cluckers Comedy Troupe. In previous lives, KT has worked behind the scenes in documentary television for A&E, The History Channel and National Geographic, in addition to earning her Masters in Education and her National Boards Certification while teaching for the Chicago Public Schools. KT loves David Bowie, her crazy family, and is slowly starting to understand Twitter.