“She’ll help strengthen your funny bone as well as your client interactions…”

I truly appreciate a kindred spirit like KT who wants to help infuse humor into our daily business lives. As the owner of a children’s photography studio, one of my mantras is “it’s only fun if it’s fun”, and this seems to be a driving force for KT, too, which is why I was intrigued to enroll in her “Find Your Funny” course.

Her course was really fun and enlightening. She helped me see that I’m as brilliant as Russell Brand… okay, maybe I’m not, but it was cool (per the course’s instruction) to think about performers that inspire me and why – as well as how I might use some of their techniques in my own work/play.

KT’s course led me down an interesting path to revisit how I’ve come to shape my public/business persona (aka “jookie Jill”), and then it brought me back to the present to consider how I might bring fresh material to the experience I create for each family that hires me for portrait photography.

By the end of the course, KT had me convinced that I should quit my day job and become a stand-up comedian. (She’s gooood, people!) In seriousness, I highly recommend anyone looking to bring more humor to their work to hire KT. She’ll help strengthen your funny bone as well as your client interactions, and she’ll have you chuckling along the way.