Team Course Offerings

Finding Your Funny: Your First Time

Introductory interactive 90-minute team presentation, with a focus on comedy and storytelling techniques, followed by 30-minute Q&A and implementation session.

 • Topics include a brief scientific background on why comedic storytelling strengthens business relationships, an overview of character traits and story development, and how to bring these skills to copy and written campaigns.

• At completion, your team will leave with an in-depth knowledge of storytelling, how to write for emotional engagement with clients for increased attainment and retention, and at least one developed, tangible story per individual team member. Attendees additionally benefit from the positive social effects of team collaboration and support, fostering a more productive and creative workplace.

Finding Your Funny: Part Deux

Building off of “Your First Time,” “Part Deux” continues the Finding Your Funny journey as attendees learn how to incorporate how comedy and storytelling in different settings.

 • “Part Deux” is also an interactive 90-minute workshop with real-life application exercises and a 30-minute Q&A session. Now that team members have an individual story in development, they will learn methods on how to apply storytelling in various settings: large-scale presentations, one on one client interactions, and interoffice relationships.

• We will discuss the “Beyoncé effect,” and how to create your storytelling alter-ego.

• The final activity is an “open mic,” where volunteer attendees get to try their new storytelling skills in front of their peers.

• Attendees leave the workshop with multiple examples on how to successfully incorporate stories into various workplace scenarios.

** Finding Your Funny courses may be instructed individually, or same day bundled for a 15% savings. Prices available upon request.

Keynote Offerings

YouTube Is Good For You!, and Other Crazy Things You Didn’t Know About Comedy and Productivity – 50-minute keynote speech bringing all the scientific reasons that prove why finding the time to laugh, snort, and connect with co-workers leads to stronger team engagement, productivity, and happiness.

KT Speetzen takes you on a hysterical journey of the history of comedic storytelling, and how (and why) you need to start injecting some funny into your workplace ASAP. Learn about high ROI of employees increased productivity, creativity, and overall workplace satisfaction, in addition to increased client retention through more personal client relationships.

Personalized Add-Ons

• Curated stand-up performances
• Mini-comedy trainings and lead volunteer attendees in an open-mic night.
• Customizable coursework and keynote speeches are available.

Prices available upon request.